Success Stories

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 NameDescriptionAdoption Story
RescueRebaReba is 11 mo old, sweet girl, likes everyone, young and still learning manners. She is good with other dogs and likes playing. She came in with her sister Dolly but they can go to separate homes. She needs work on walking on a leash. She is housebroken and knows a doggie door and will crate. Adopted 11/19/17 Reba was adopted by a nice family looking to add a new family member, she now has a new fur brother to play with.
RescueRangerRanger is a nice boy loves everyone and is good with other dogs but can be dominate around home, needs rules and a active family that will do things with him. He knows basic commands but needs work on the leash so he doesn't pull. He is young so still learning. He is house trained and will crate. Adopted 11/4/17 Ranger was adopted by a nice family that lives on acreage with horses, chickens a cat and a Heeler so Ranger will be kept plenty busy.
RescueNikeNike is still a puppy & learning new things everyday. She is very playful and energetic. She loves everyone, hasn't met a stranger yet! Nike is a sweet, loving, snuggle bug. We think she is going to be a pretty big girl. Knows some basics, crate trained, house trained & knows a doggie door. Adopted 10/24/17 Nike was adopted by a nice family with kids and another young dog for her to play with. So she now has a new fur brother.
RescueSinbadSinbad just wants his own family to love. Quite the go along with anything you want to do dog. Sweet personality & smiles all the time. Loves belly rubs & begs for more! A loyal buddy yet friendly to everyone. House trained, knows a doggie door, crate trained & knows basic obedience, good on leashAdopted 11/1/17 Sinbad was adopted by a nice family and will be their son's dog and will live in California now, they will be each others best buddy.
RescueJakeJake is 6 yrs old, an extremely happy & lovable dog, he loves to run around & play at the dog park. He is house broke, happy to see anyone he meets. He is around two older dogs and gets along well with them. He is very smart and knows multiple tricks and commands. He will make the most loyal dog.Adopted 10/2/17 Jake was adopted by a nice couple that has horses so he will feel at home since he came off a ranch. He also has a couple of cats as his new buddies.
RescueGigiGigi is a very shy girl, bonds to men much more quickly than women so definitely needs to have a guy around the house. She would do better with another confident dog to show her the ropes. She is very sweet & very well behaved, dog door trained & will crate. She is on medication for Valley Fever.Adopted 11/16/17 Gigi was adopted by a nice couple that will continue to work with her to keep bringing her out of her shell. She now has a new fur doggie sister and fur kitty sister.
RescueRavenRaven is a gem, the perfect buddy dog. She walks politely and calmly on leash. Likes car rides and exploring new things. For the most part she is a quiet girl but likes to join the dog games and have some fun too. She is housebroken, crate trained and knows a doggie door. Knows basic obedience Adopted 9/2/17 Raven was adopted by a nice couple looking for a new friend to join their family to go walking, hiking and explore places with them.
RescueRiley IIRiley is a young energetic girl that likes everyone and loves playing with other dogs, also loves playing with toys. She needs a family that will be activity with her. She is good on a leash & would love to go for walks or hiking. She is ok with cats that are dog savvy. Crate & house trained. Adopted 9/28/17 Riley was adopted by a nice couple that has one of our other dogs they adopted a couple of years ago, so she now has a big sister to play with.
RescueSaderSader is a nice boy that likes everyone. Good with other dogs and likes playing with them. He knows basic commands and walks well on leash. He is housebroken, knows a doggie door and will crate. He is looking for a family to give him a furever home and he will be your best buddy. Adopted 9/16/17 Sader was adopted by a nice family with kid for him to play with and friends with other dogs to go walking with and they may be adopting another dog so he will have a friend. He also lives at the Grand Canyon now!!!
RescueBaileyBailey is a very nice middle age girl who would just like to be your best friend, she likes everyone and is good with other dogs. She know basic commands, walks well on a leash and is housebroken. She would make a great family dog and would love going for walks with you. Adopted 10/4/17 Bailey was adopted by a nice couple that are past adopter from us, they were looking for a new buddy to join their family.
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