Success Stories

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 NameDescriptionAdoption Story
RescueBrandyBrandy is a very energetic Mini she is good with other dogs but can try to be dominate but does like to play. She good with everyone but has to get to know you she will be shy at first so she can use more socialization with people. She is leash trained, crates, housebroken, knows a doggie door. Adopted 10/21/20 Brandy was adopted by a nice guy looking for a new best friend. She will get to go running, hiking and camping with him.
RescueHarleyHarley is a super sweet, friendly girl who just wants to be part of your family. She has a goofy grin ready to please you. Harley is good with kids. No Cats! She enjoys walks, car rides, hiking, and snuggling up with you in the evenings. House trained, crate trained, and knows a dog door.Adopted 10/2/20 Harley was adopted by a past adopter that was looking for a new family member. They will go walking and hiking to help her stay in shape.
RescueShelbyShelby is 8 mos old so still a puppy learning new things everyday. He is very gentle but does need to learn not to jump on you. Obedience training would help. He is a very sweet boy, good with other dogs and cats. Hasn't been around small kids. He is housebroken and knows how to use a doggie door.Adopted 7/26/20 Shelby was adopted by a nice family that are past adopters and has two girls to keep him busy.
RescueZoeZoe is all sweetheart, has never met a stranger. Zoe loves walks & hiking. She is good on a leash, loves to play with toys & other dogs. She would make another dog a great companion. She is still considered a puppy & learning new things everyday. Crate trained, knows a doggie door. Adopted 7/3/20 Zoe was adopted by a nice lady and also has a new sibling brother to play with now.
RescueOdieOdie is an English Shepherd true to his breed, classic "what can I do for you?" attitude, always wanting to help & shadow you everywhere. Odie has Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (confined to his nose only) & requires sunscreen & an over the counter cream. Polite on leash,crate trained,knows a dog door.Adopted 8/23/20 Odie was adopted by a nice couple looking for a new best friend to do things with them.
RescueSaraSara is a very sweet girl can be a little shy at first by loves everyone & having your attention. She is good with other dogs but doesn't play with them. She just likes being with you. She would like to go for walks & good on leash. She is housebroken and knows a doggie door.She's a good buddy dog.Adopted 6/7/20 Sara was adopted by a nice man just looking for a new buddy and best friend. :)
RescueJoeyJoey is a fun happy puppy. He is good on leash. Loves walks. Loves to play with toys and other dogs, but can play alone, self entertain and nap while you are occupied. He is still considered a puppy and leaning new things everyday. He is crate trained, house trained and knows a doggie door. Adopted 6/4/20 Joey was adopted by a nice couple and now has another dog and cats for his new friends.
RescueSammySammy is a very nice boy good with everyone and other dogs. He likes have attention and will play with his toys or ball with you. He is good on leash and would like to go for walks. He is kennel trained but doesn't need to be. He knows a doggie door and is housebroken. Adopted 5/12/20 Sammy was adopted by a nice couple that are previous adopters from us. He will get to go for daily walks and play with his toy with them and lives in Payson now here it is cooler.
RescueRoperRoper is a gentle, mellow boy. He would make a great companion for anyone. Roper is courteous on leash and knows basic commands. He came into rescue with a list of medical issues and he has tackled them all but he is still on meds for seizures and thyroid. He knows a dog door & is crate trained.Adopted 8/15/20 Roper was adopted by past adopters looking for another new best friend to join their family. They had adopted two other dogs from us so this is their third they are giving a new home to. :)
RescueDotDot is a nice medium-low energy girl, but she does enjoy daily walks and jogs. She is housebroken and crate trained (working on doggie door). Very loving and does well with people, children, and other dogs, not sure about cats. Would do best with another dog to play with. Adopted 3/14/20 Dot was adopted by a nice family with kids looking for a new buddy to join them. The kids even made her a welcome sign.
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