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 NameDescriptionAdoption Story
RescueIrisIris is a 8mo old sweet Aussie/BC pup. She loves everyone and other dogs. Also loves going for walks and hikes and will snuggle. She is a puppy still so still learning new things. She is housebroken and crate trained. She would do good with a active family that will include her in activities. Adopted 11/10/18 Iris was adopted by a nice family and will now be her new moms joking partner.
RescueDukeDuke is a big, strong boy. He has a strong herding instinct and prey drive, He is looking for a very active family or someone in dog sports. He would do best with another active dog to play with. He loves his chew toys, playing fetch and tug. He is still considered a puppy and needs more training.Adopted 9/27/18 He has a wonderful new dad to teach him about life and will take time with him for lots walks and exercise.
RescueCoCoCoco is an easy going big boy. He just wants someone to pay attention to him & give him affection. He is good with everyone. He likes going for walks & taking naps by your feet. Coco has a gentle temperament, & amazing spirit! He is housebroken and knows a doggie door. He is good with other dogs.Adopted 9/3/18 Coco was adopted by a nice family that has kids to keep him busy and he now has a new fur sister is age to play with.
RescueLulaLula is a energetic young pup that’s full of life! She loves playing fetch & tug of war & gets along great with people and dogs. Working on perfecting her house manners. She is crate trained during the day, & working on dog door. An active home that will give her plenty of daily exercise is best.Adopted 8/26/18 Lula was adopted by a nice family that has a little girl that she took right too so they are buddies and she also has a new fur brother to play with.
RescueGraysonGrayson is looking for a very active family, someone who will take him to the lake or hiking, good walk or jog every day. He is kind to everyone he meets. He loves rough housing with the other dogs. He is a lot of fun & still considered puppish but is a focused learner. Housebroken, crate trained.Adopted 7/28/18 Grayson was adopted at Rescue Roundup by a nice guy looking for a new buddy to be his best friend. Grayson will now get to live in Flagstaff.
RescueDaytonaDaytona is active & intelligent. Smaller in stature but needs to continue with his weight loss goals. He will engage with anyone who wants to throw a toy for him to fetch. He loves walks & running in the park. Has great house manners & follows his person everywhere. Knows a doggie door. Older kidsAdopted 7/14/18 Daytona was adopted by a nice family looking to add a fur friend to join their other mini Aussie and cat so he will be busy playing with everyone.
RescueXenaXena is a very sweet girl, a little shy at first until she gets to know you but then is your best friend. She is more shy with men and needs to get to know them before she trust. She loves kids and is good with other dogs. She knows basics and is good on leash. She would go for walks to be with you.Adopted 7/22/18 Xena was adopted by a nice couple with two other dogs and the Aussie that is her age loves to play so she will have a new buddy. They will continue to work on her shyness with new people.
RescueCincoCinco is a 5 mo old sweet Husky puppy that is one of our friends in the rescue. She loves playing with toys & other dogs. She has learned sit & is good on a leash. She is housebroken & knows a doggie door. Also is crate trained. She is still a puppy so learning new things everyday. She is active.Adopted 7/14/18 Cinco was adopted by a nice family looking for a Husky to join them and she now has a young boy to play with.
RescueGusGus is great with other dogs. He is goofy & silly at home. Gus is quiet & shy when in a new place & cautious with new people but he warms up very quickly! He loves daily walks & playing with his buddies. Gus is still considered a puppy & learning new things. Would be better suited with older kids.Adopted 6/23/18 Gus was adopted by past adopters of ours and now lives with his new family with another Aussie, horses and acreage to run on.
RescueTulaTula is a very sweet girl with lots of drive & intelligence, is still learning boundaries. Housebroken but is still learning the rules of being inside & needs to be crated when left alone. She loves people & is good with kids. Good with other dogs but is possessive about toys. She is good on leash.Adopted 5/21/18 Tula now has a new family that includes a little girl to play with her which she loves and a fur sister and fur cat.
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