Success Stories

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 NameDescriptionAdoption Story
RescueRustyRusty is a nice mini boy, good with everyone including dogs & cats. He plays with toys and the other dogs but also would just love to be your buddy, he loves having your attention and being with you. He is good on leash. He is housebroken, crate trained and knows a doggie door. Adoption PendingAdopted 7/17/23 Rusty was adopted by a nice couple looking to add a new best friend to join them and he now has a new little fur brother.
RescuePhoebePhoebe is a 9 mo old Aussiedoodle, very sweet girl, loves everyone and playing with other dogs. She is still learning new things since she is young but would love an active family to do things with. She knows basics and walks good on a leash. She is crate trained & housebroken, knows a doggie door.Adopted 8/27/23 Phoebe was adopted by a nice couple that also has a young Labradoodle that she will have as a new playmate, they can keep each other busy. :)
RescueCaramelCaramel is a nice middle aged girl, would love to just be your best friend. She is good with other dogs. She is good with everyone except toddlers, older kids are ok. She would love to go walking or hiking with you. She is good on leash and knows basic commands. Knows a doggie door. Housebroken.Adopted 6/10/23 Caramel was adopted by a nice lady that wanted to give her a new home with her two other older fur siblings. She will enjoy walks with her also. :)
RescueElwoodElwood is a sweet pup, loves playing with his toys or other dogs. He is good with everyone. He has lots of energy as and still learning new things, he would do good with a active family that includes him in their activities. He is crate trained & knows a doggie door. Good on leash, housebroken.Adopted 7/29/23 Elwood was adopted by a nice couple looking to add a new best friend to their family. He now has two kitty siblings.
RescueBlossomBlossom is a cute Aussie/Couton De Toulier cross breed. She is on the smaller side weighs about 20 lbs. She is good with other dogs, cats and everyone including kids. She has a very sweet personality. She loves doing things with you including walks and hikes. She is housebroken and crate trained. Adopted 5/12/23 Blossom was adopted by a family looking to add a fur friend, she now has a fur sibling and kids to play with. :)
RescueLillyLilly is a very sweet girl, she loves playing with other dogs and is good with everyone, a little shy at first but warms up fast. She is still a bit of a puppy so still learning new things. She will made a great best buddy for her new family. She is crate trained and housebroken with a doggie door. Adopted 5/14/23 Lilly was adopted by a past adopter family that had adopted Kai so now he has a new fur sister and she has him and kids to play with.
RescueCedarCedar is a nice small boy that is good with other dogs and everyone just has to meet new people to make sure you are alright. He likes having your attention and enjoys your lap but also would like going for walks, is good on leash. Housebroken, crate trained and knows a doggie door. Older Kids onlyAdopted 512/23 Cedar was adopted by a new couple looking for another fur friend to join them and their current doggie. So he now has a fur sister to play with. :)
RescueMaggieMaggie is a sweet 6 mo old pup, loves everyone and playing with her toys, brother or the other dogs. She loves exploring new things, since she is a puppy still learning about the world. she walks on leash and knows a doggie door. Housebroken with the doggie door. Crate trained. Adopted 7/8/23 Maggie was adopted by a nice family looking to add a new fur baby to their family. She will get to go walking and hiking with them in cool Payson. :)
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