Aussies For Adoption

There may be more dogs to adopt! If available, be sure to click the page number hyperlinks at the bottom to see more.

Case # NameAgeSexDescription 
2015-63RescueFranky AKA Lily4FemaleFranky is a very sweet little girl, she loves everyone and is good with other dogs and likes playing with them. She likes to be included with you in whatever activity you are doing, like going for walks & rides in the car. She also is happy to just sit with you. She is housebroken & crate trained. Details
2016-81RescuePeter2MalePeter is a sweet boy, likes to play with any other dogs & to play with toys. He is still a puppy so learning new things everyday, he needs rules to follow & would do best with a family that has other dogs. He is good with kids but older kids best. Housebroken, uses a doggie door, crate trained. Details
2017-54RescueAsher7MaleAsher is a nice boy, likes everyone, would be best as only dog, he is not comfortable with new dogs. Loves playing ball & toys, is active. Knows basic commands but needs rules & someone that understands the herding breed to be pack leader. Will be your buddy. Housebroken & will crate. Older kids Details
2018-25RescueCinco1FemaleCinco is a 1 yr old sweet Husky girl that is one of our friends in the rescue. She loves playing with toys & other dogs. She has learned sit & is good on a leash. She is housebroken & knows a doggie door. Also is crate trained. She would love going for walks or hikes, she is active. Nice buddy dog Details
2019-10RescueJack1MaleJack is a very active 1 yr old mini He is good with everyone & loves playing with other dogs but can play rough. He plays with toys & needs a family that will do things with him and exercise him. He would do good at dog sports. He is housebroken, knows a doggie door & crate trained. No apartments Details
2019-29RescueJasper2MaleJasper is a really big guy. He is an outgoing & friendly dude. Jasper needs someone with large dog experience. He loves to play, so a buddy for him is ideal. He is a bit overweight & will need sufficient exercise everyday. He loves being with an active person, he wants to try everything & please you Details
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